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End-Time Visions

The Three Churches Vision

September 2019 A Vision for the Church

My husband woke one Sunday morning and shared his strange dream. Since he is very prophetic I listened with great interest.

At first he saw a church with a pastor at the altar that was very affluent and looked like he was very pleased with his message and happy with his flock. But then his attention was drawn to the sparsely attended pews and he noticed that there was milk everywhere. The milk filling the sanctuary and was churning and splashing the walls and the pews and the people.

An End-Time Vision of the Bride

A Vision for the Bride of Christ - March 8, 2020

While worshiping in church on Sunday March 8, 2020, I saw the Bride walking through walls of fire. I sensed that this was not necessarily a good thing, and I was slightly alarmed so I asked the Lord if that fire was Him, and he assured me it was Him. On the following Sunday, I got an even great revelation of that vision. I saw the Bride walking in the midst of the fire, and then I saw a door or window open up above the Bride and an arm reached through to her.
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