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A Spirit of Complacency

Not long ago the Lord gave me a dream for a client. I'm sharing it here because I sense that the Lord wants others to know that this spirit is coming against well meaning believers. In the dream I walked into an empty church. It had high gothic ceilings with arched beams. The floors were made of large blocks of lime stone and it was completely empty. There were no pews and I walked toward the darkened altar. Interestingly, the light was coming from behind me and as I faced the front of the church it was shrouded in darkness. It then occurred to me that the place might have really lovely acoustics so I began to sing a worship song. The second I opened my mouth to worship the Lord, a demon grabbed me by my lapel and lifted me up into the rafters. I immediately pointed my finger in his face and commanded him to let me go in the mighty name of Jesus and he did. I floated down to the ground unharmed but then woke up with a start. As I began to pray I asked the Lord to give me the interpretation of this dream. I asked the Lord, "what was that?" and I heard him say, "That is a demon spirit of complacency that is emptying the churches in this area." 

Because I had asked the Lord for a word for my client, when I next saw him, I shared with him the dream and asked him if it meant anything to him. At first he wasn't sure, but then as the spirit started working on him, he shared that he was complacent. He was happy to go to church and not allow the Holy Spirit to transform him. He shared that it was easier to look like you're doing the right thing, but never allow a heart transformation. 

The real reason for the complacency is that there is a fear and doubt. Fear that God really isn't working in our lives, and doubt that he will. This double minded spirit is afoot in our churches and it needs to be repented of and dealt with. It really is attacking believers and keeping them in a compromised state of ineffectiveness.

It's time to break free from a spirit of complacency. Expect the impossible! Expect God to break through and transform you by the renewing of your mind. Let him into every part of your worship and expect him to care enough to show up.

Blessings and Shalom,

AJ Rivas                              

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