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Come Up Here!

Several weeks ago the Lord gave me a dream.  I was at the top of an elegant staircase and down below was a bride running to and fro looking for the wedding.  The Lord whispered over my shoulder to tell her to "Come Up Here!"  I cupped my mouth and yelled down "Come Up Here!"  I woke myself up because I was sitting up in bed actually yelling the words in real life.  

A few weeks after that I was fasting because my husband was in India ministering to the poorest of the poor, the Jews and all who came to the Jewish Voice Medical Outreach received the good news of their Jewish Messiah and free medical care.  As I was taking communion the Lord beckoned me to go to the Family room.  As I did I heard Him say, "I want you to write your Doctorate on Supernatural Encounters."  

Knowing that you can't change your Doctorate at the eleventh hour I told the Lord that if my Doctoral professor allowed the change I would be happy to change my topic to Supernatural Encounters.  My professor approved the change and since then I have been hearing from the Lord like never before.

After prayer I asked the Lord what I should call my Doctoral Project Seminar which I will be presenting this fall and he spoke to my heart and said, "Come Up Here!" So now you know where the name of this Fall Feast Conference came from.  

There is a message that is an ongoing unfolding revelation of God's heart for His bride that He is filling me with and I can't wait to share the revelations He's been pouring into my understanding. If you are able to attend I would highly recommend it.  

The theme will be: Supernatural Encounters for Throne Room Perspective.  

A few weeks later I was in prayer and I asked the Lord what I should use as the framework for this teaching and he said, "The Feasts!"  

It seems that we have a relational God who wants to show us the importance of relationship and it is exciting to receive the unfolding revelation as God can only do in His timing and in His way.

I sense that there is a need for the Bride to have a greater sense of His presence in these last days.  The message I have received in my spirit is that The Lord is wanting His Bride to be ready, the oil lamps trimmed, and plenty of oil to spare, for the marriage supper of the Lamb.

The Conference will also be presenting a Marriage Supper of the Lamb rehearsal dinner.  So come one and all to the rehearsal dinner.  You need to bring nothing but yourself. The Conference is free to all who wish to participate.  The fact that it will be held in the "Lodge" at the Eastside Foursquare Church and it is free and open to the public is God's heart for the feast of Tabernacles.  

In the first century the people were to build temporary dwelling places and invite even the poorest to come in and sup with them.  This honored the people who came to eat and also instantly made them apart of the greater body of covenant believers that were participating in this feast. They had to "Go Up!" to Jerusalem to fulfill this appointed commandment from the Lord. (Lev. 23) You are His guest.  
There is Registration because of the food preparation. So register early.

Come and join us for a wonderful day of insight into the feasts of the Lord, supernatural encounters with the Lord and walking in through the door that he has prepared for us into the realm of the Bride Groom.   

The Spirit and the Bride Say Come!

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