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Kingdom Minded!

This morning the Lord spoke to me about being Kingdom Minded. He gave us the name Pinnacle when we asked him what our ministry should be several months ago.  Pinnacle means the highest point.  I love worshiping the Most High God and what he wants is for us to reach for the highest.  We are a Kingdom of Priests and it is time we started declaring the things of God over our lives and woke up to our dominion responsibilities.  We can not be blaming the devil for our lack and for our problems when the Lord has given us back the dominion but we are asleep at the switch.  It's time the slumbering church woke up and and came back to God.  We have been babied and coddled long enough.  I'm hungry for more of God.  I've got a Holy Dissatisfaction with status quo.  I want to wake up and walk right into the throne room and spend time with my God and lead others to this place so they too can know who He truly is.  Let's all praise Him and lift Him up. If He be lifted up He will draw all men unto Himself.  Be Kingdom Minded!

Forgiveness By Revelation

A few days ago I heard someone say that after praying for healing of wrong thoughts about her parents she was walking through toward her car in a parking lot and all of a sudden the Lord spoke into her spirit revelation that changed her heart towards her parents.

The Lord spoke an understanding into her heart that she wasn't perfect, so how could she expect her parents to be perfect. 

Freedom from Generational Oppression

We just saw a client who came to specifically address generational oppression.  This person asked us to help them break generational curses of Masonry over their lives.  As we began to pray it was so powerful that they could feel the anointing breaking the yoke off their necks. 

The Word of God specifically tells us to not have anything to do with witchcraft or sorcery. Deuteronomy 18:9.  When we or our ancestors open the door to these areas we suffer the consequences of the spiritual inroads of the enemy in our physical and spiritual lives.
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