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Come Up Here!

Several weeks ago the Lord gave me a dream.  I was at the top of an elegant staircase and down below was a bride running to and fro looking for the wedding.  The Lord whispered over my shoulder to tell her to "Come Up Here!"  I cupped my mouth and yelled down "Come Up Here!"  I woke myself up because I was sitting up in bed actually yelling the words in real life.  

A few weeks after that I was fasting because my husband was in India ministering to the poorest of the poor, the Jews and all who came to the Jewish Voice Medical Outreach received the good news of their Jewish Messiah and free medical care.

Casting Down Strongholds

The Word of God tells us that the Lord is mighty for the pulling down of strongholds.  "Our weapons are not carnal, they are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds.  What that means is that we have the authority to tell those spirits associated with the sin that afflicts us to go in Jesus' name.
So if you are tempted in some way to sin, be it gossip, anger, pornography, you can take authority over the spirits that are associated with those temptations.  
The first step to freedom is to submit your body, mind and soul to the Lord.

Your Identity - Self-esteem

Paul reminds us in 2 Corinthians 4 that we are to renounce the hidden things of shame.  The enemy would love to have a foothold in our thought-life.  He can have a right to attack if we have not renounced him and the things we have done in the past that give him room to live in our lives.  Sin opens the door for the enemy of your soul to attack.  So when we renounce the things we have done in the past we are in essence saying, "I break my contract with you Satan!" 

Overcoming Low-Self esteem

In the story about Jesus' baptism, we read in John 1:29 John the Baptizer saw Jesus coming toward him and said, "Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world! This is He of whom I said, 'After me comes a Man who is preferred before me, for He was before me. I did not know Him; but that He should be revealed to Israel, therefore I came baptizing with water." Now John the baptizer was the one who was spoken of by Isaiah, "The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord," John was working in the power of the Holy Spirit that the Pharisees expected Elijah to have.

Low-Self Esteem

For many years I was stuck in low self-esteem, low-self image and believed I had to put on a facade of happiness in order to attract friends and fit in.  Once I had a Pinnacle Exchange, I realized that I was getting my self-image from the wrong places.

We all have been attacked in this area.  Your image is the first thing that Satan will try to convince you is warped and weird.  Guess what?  You are different and that's good.

Having Pinnacle Encounters with the Lord healed my heart of low-self esteem and has lifted me out of the oppression that I didn't even know I was under.

What you focus on you magnify.

Today we hear of Embassy attacks and bombings and serious foreign policy challenges.  What occurred to me is that many might start feeling anxious and worried and start focusing on the negative instead of the positive.
While there is a duty for all believers to be praying for our leaders and for the peace of Jerusalem, we also have to understand that what we focus on we magnify.  

If we focus on the problems they seem bigger.
As believers we must focus on Jesus who is the answer to all the problems.

Political Season

In this election season, more and more I realize that only when the Lord sets up his Kingdom here on earth will we truly have justice and peace.  The world is longing for and even groaning for the return of our King.  While we may have differences in this political climate, let's make sure that we keep our rhetoric loving and principle based.  Let's do our best to keep our comments kind.  After all, we are all in this together and we must find areas of agreement.  Diplomacy is the rule of the day when you are an Ambassador for Christ.  Share your beliefs without malice.  Above all, keep your eyes looking up for your redemption draws near.  Blessings, Alice J. Rivas

Your Pinnacle Purpose

Pinnacle Purpose:

Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  Within you there is a gift that only you have.  There is no one like you and that is a good thing.  There is a talent that God has given you that is unique because you have a unique life.  God's word is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword and your unique talent and gifts preach God's wonderful message of grace and hope in a unique way.  Whether you are a shy person or an extrovert, it doesn't matter.

Kingdom Minded!

This morning the Lord spoke to me about being Kingdom Minded. He gave us the name Pinnacle when we asked him what our ministry should be several months ago.  Pinnacle means the highest point.  I love worshiping the Most High God and what he wants is for us to reach for the highest.  We are a Kingdom of Priests and it is time we started declaring the things of God over our lives and woke up to our dominion responsibilities.  We can not be blaming the devil for our lack and for our problems when the Lord has given us back the dominion but we are asleep at the switch.  It's time the slumbering church woke up and and came back to God.  We have been babied and coddled long enough.  I'm hungry for more of God.  I've got a Holy Dissatisfaction with status quo.  I want to wake up and walk right into the throne room and spend time with my God and lead others to this place so they too can know who He truly is.  Let's all praise Him and lift Him up. If He be lifted up He will draw all men unto Himself.  Be Kingdom Minded!

Forgiveness By Revelation

A few days ago I heard someone say that after praying for healing of wrong thoughts about her parents she was walking through toward her car in a parking lot and all of a sudden the Lord spoke into her spirit revelation that changed her heart towards her parents.

The Lord spoke an understanding into her heart that she wasn't perfect, so how could she expect her parents to be perfect. 

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