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The Three Churches Vision

September 2019 A Vision for the Church

My husband woke one Sunday morning and shared his strange dream. Since he is very prophetic I listened with great interest.

At first he saw a church with a pastor at the altar that was very affluent and looked like he was very pleased with his message and happy with his flock. But then his attention was drawn to the sparsely attended pews and he noticed that there was milk everywhere. The milk filling the sanctuary and was churning and splashing the walls and the pews and the people.

An End-Time Vision of the Bride

A Vision for the Bride of Christ - March 8, 2020

While worshiping in church on Sunday March 8, 2020, I saw the Bride walking through walls of fire. I sensed that this was not necessarily a good thing, and I was slightly alarmed so I asked the Lord if that fire was Him, and he assured me it was Him. On the following Sunday, I got an even great revelation of that vision. I saw the Bride walking in the midst of the fire, and then I saw a door or window open up above the Bride and an arm reached through to her.

A Spirit of Complacency

Not long ago the Lord gave me a dream for a client. I'm sharing it here because I sense that the Lord wants others to know that this spirit is coming against well meaning believers. In the dream I walked into an empty church. It had high gothic ceilings with arched beams. The floors were made of large blocks of lime stone and it was completely empty. There were no pews and I walked toward the darkened altar. Interestingly, the light was coming from behind me and as I faced the front of the church it was shrouded in darkness.

Miracle on the Mission Field

Miracle on the mission field: October 2015.  While in Gondar, Ethiopia, as the director of the prayer room for Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI), I was called out into the corridor outside of the prayer tent by Messianic Leader Sammuel Zimichael.  He asked me to speak to an elderly Jewish man who was about to Aliyah to Israel. This man was the father of one of his pastors in training and was very resistant to the gospel. His son and congregational leaders had shared the gospel with him many times, but he was afraid of being converted to Christianity and for other unknown reasons decided not to accept the Lord as his savior.

Prophetic End-time Dream

Just the other night the Lord gave me a vivid dream.  I was the hostess in a large mansion and there was a wedding in progress.  People were seated around round tables outside on the veranda and children were chasing each other and laughing as they ran by.  All of a sudden I saw that a storm was coming.  I was on an upper balcony and began directing everyone to come inside, because they would be safe from the storm.

As a prophetic dream, I see this as a warning that storms will be coming, but the Lord has prepared safe houses.

Going to Gondar, Ethiopia Oct. - Nov.

Hello Dear Friends and Family,

Armando and I have been invited to go back to Gondar, Ethiopia to minister to the Beita Abraham and Beita Israel people by Jewish Voice Ministries.  The Felasha are a tribe of people that have retained their Jewish heritage.  The name "Felasha" literally means Outcast.  They are the outcasts of Ethiopia because they are Jewish.  So not only are they poor, but they are ignored by the government and receive little to no assistance.  

Spending time with Jesus.

Dear Beloved Friends of Pinnacle:

This morning I spent time with Jesus. And I feel refreshed and have a sense of renewed confidence to do the task at hand.  But I am ashamed to say, that I was a mess this morning.  Have you ever had one of those weeks where you wished you were free to just relax and play? 

During prayer time I was complaining about how tired of writing my Doctorate paper I am and the Lord reminded me that Paul wrote with joy, while in Jail, "Be anxious for nothing, but with thanks giving and prayer make your requests to the Lord and he will give you peace.

Year End Report from the Field

2013 shaped up to be one of those years where the Lord really was on the move and speaking to us.  We had an amazing time in Zimbabwe and heard from the Lord to go so we went.  We took a young man with us (pictured below) and he caught the fire to go on missions trips. He is currently raising the funds to go to Woliso, Ethiopia this February with Armando.  It was wonderful to see the Lord heal and reveal Himself to hundreds and thousands.  While in Zimbabwe I prayed with a woman who came into the prayer room with her seven year old son.

Zimbabwe Adventure

Dear Friends and Family,  For the last few weeks the Lord has been asking me to share about our upcoming trip to Zimbabwe with Jewish Voice Ministries International.  We leave tomorrow and return on November 3rd.  Please join us in believing for many souls to come to salvation as we bring the gospel to the remote region of northern Zimbabwe.  We are humbled and in awe of our God and know that he has led us to go.  We are also privileged to live out this scripture,"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

Conference Feedback

Hi, Alice.  

Thank you for providing such an incredible opportunity for all of us to learn and experience more intimacy with the Lord. It was a wonderful opportunity to sit under anointed teaching, like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Your passion for the Lord and being an instrument of His love was amazing.  I could not imagine how you could sustain that level of submission for an entire day. I feel so blessed by the Lord and by you to have been able to participate in this very special event.
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