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Why is Pinnacle unique and what is a Pinnacle Exchange?

We place a high value on anointed prayer and ministry.  A Pinnacle Exchange is when you have a transformational encounter with the Lord that Sets You Free to be who you were always intended to be.
We believe unique anointed teaching on dominion authority will awaken every individual to all they are supposed to be.  
We are Kingdom minded in all that we teach.  
We believe that we are to assist in end-time restoration of the bride.  
Its time to heal and become all that God has called you to be.

Why would someone choose Pinnacle Exchange for their bible study or seminar?

If you want a deep spiritual experience then you will love Pinnacle Exchange. Unique to our organization is the concept of ministering for maturity and growth.  I will lay a foundation of teaching explaining how God speaks to his sheep and they hear his voice.  

Through teachings and "Exchange" encounters each person will realize their unique gift from God that is vital to the completion and inner workings of the whole body of Christ. By laying a foundation of “who and what we are in Christ” you will fully enter into your Son-ship and Ambassadorship and understand your authority and role in God’s kingdom.

We were created to have dominion and subdue. Within every believer is a heart longing for significance and purpose. Working from the premise that Jesus made a way for us to be released from bondage to our past, we help you have Pinnacle Exchanges with God.
We believe every person desires to be used of God to make a difference in this world. The Lord died to activate the body to be the healing vessels that they are longing to be.

We believe that there is no sacred/secular split.  Where ever you are, you bring the Kingdom of God. If you are banker you are a Kingdom bringer.  God has uniquely equipped each and every one of us to be salt and light in every relationship in any job and in every industry.

Why if I'm a believer do I have fear and other emotional anxieties?

The complaints from believers have a common thread of feeling stuck and not knowing how to achieve spiritual breakthrough. The enemy of our souls is not very clever, he uses the same methods in different ways to oppress believers. Fear is one of the tools that he uses to cause doubt and confusion. The opposite of fear is trust. If you trust in the Lord you lose all sense of fear. The key is to experience God's perfect love that casts out fear.
Pinnacle will help you hear from God and find the key to unlock your purpose. 

If you are anxious about concerns then you aren't as effectual.  If you want to be set free to be all that God has called you to be then you are ready for a
Pinnacle Exchange.  

We all long to be significant, accepted and loved.  We also all long for a deep spiritual connection with God and others. We believe that every Kingdom minded believer wants to connect deeply and be apart of a vibrant community of believers that are making a difference. We can be transformed
when we have transformational moments with the Lord.  We call this the
Pinnacle Exchange.

Everyone wants to hear from God for their life.  Once they know that God has a plan for their life there is a high level of satisfaction and significance that translates into ministry to others.  We bring a life transforming message of relational transformation.

Common question: If I’m a believer, why do I still have anxiety, anger, fear, relationship issues, etc.?

Many do not understand the difference between body, soul and spirit. They simply don't realize that there are issues within our soul realm that still need to be touched by God's healing hand. It's what you submit to the Lord that gets healed and walks in victory. Maybe you just need help in recognizing what you need to further submit to the Lord for transformation. That's our job. We help you pinpoint the root causes of your main concerns and then deal with them in the healing presence of the Lord.

Common question: How is it that God sees me as righteous but I feel so broken? 

From God’s perspective you are holy and spotless.  He has called you to subdue the enemy and take dominion over your life.  But most believers don’t know how to do this.  Most don't understand their authority in Christ Jesus to kick the enemy out of their lives.  They don’t realize that in this realm they have a "kick me" sign on their backs that gives entry to the enemy to come against them. 

Every believer has to ask the Lord to reveal where and when the door was opened to these wrongs so they can close the door, seal it with the blood of Jesus, and then break the contract with the enemy so he cannot attack them in that area any longer.  The only way to break free from oppression is by the power of the blood of Jesus and then having done all “stand” as it says in Ephesians.  “Submit to God, resist the evil one and he will flee.” (James 4:7)

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