Pinnacle Authority Ministries  - Transformational Ministry: Turning Sheep into Lions
Where Transformational Encounters 
unlock your Kingdom perspective. 

Revelatory prayer experiences; whether through individual counseling, weekend retreats, or seminars will help you hear from God and reveal his Kingdom perspective for your life.

At Pinnacle we have a passion to teach and counsel every single person to believe for God's transformational healing.  Over the last twenty years we have been counseling thousands and have seen thousands set free through our seminars and ministry. We have faith for YOU to receive your transformation. 
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Our story:  During prayer one morning , I was given a vision.  I saw the Lord standing at the door with a staff in his hand and in came all these wounded sheep.  I fell on my face and I said, "Lord, what is this? He said, "Your house will be a house for the wounded sheep."  Since then Armando and I have opened our home to whomever the Lord sends us.  My husband and I instantly agreed with the Lord and asked him what we should call this ministry.  I distinctly heard, Pinnah-kol.  In Hebrew Pinnah means, Chief of the High Tower, or Pinnacle, and Kol means the voice of God.  So we named our Ministry Pinnacle.  The Authority is because we are seated in Christ in heavenly places and walk in our Kingdom authority.  We believe that we are to become like Jesus. He is no longer a sheep. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and he roars over us. That is why we believe we are to help people transform from sheep to lions. We have seen thousands healed and transformed and have faith for your transformation.  
Dr. Rivas has been an inner healing prayer counselor for over twenty years and has traveled the world with Jewish Voice Ministries International as their Director of Prayer since 2007.
She received her Master of Divinity in 2011 and her 
Doctorate of Ministry in 2014 from the 
The King's University Van Nuys, CA.